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Julia Baker Snake Catcher

Moreton Bay snake catcher

Moreton Bay snake catcher Julia and her partner John are here for you if you need a Moreton Bay snake catcher.

We are located in the heart of Eatons Hill and service the entire Moreton Bay area for any snake removals.

We have a variety of snakes in the Moreton Bay area, many of which are harmless and if found outside are usually best left alone.

It is not necessary to always get a snake catcher in as many snakes are just passing through on their hunt for food and water ( and in mating season – a mate!)

Try and take a picture first if the snake is outside and then send it to a local Moreton Bay snake catcher in order to ID it.

All snake catchers will ID free of charge and it might just save you paying for the snake catcher to come out.

A harmless Tree Snake or small Python passing through your garden is not worth getting a snake catcher out, as it will most probably disappear before she/he arrives.

As snake lovers our-selves – we don’t want to be moving snakes around unless there is a valid reason.

Pythons can be a danger to pets, and pets can be a danger to snakes.

Any snakes inside a house should be left to a snake catcher as it is dangerous and illegal to catch a snake unless one has a licence as a snake catcher.

Try ad keep your eye on the snake until the snake catcher arrives as there are a lot of hiding places for a snake inside houses.

We do have Eastern Browns and Red Bellies in the Moreton Bay area, so please be careful and call a Moreton Bay snake catcher on 1300 228 244 if you find a snake.

Julia Baker Snake Catcher

Book Julia Baker

Snake Boss Julia BakeIf you would like Julia Baker to be your Reptile Show host – you can make an inquiry about her in the contact form and we will get back to you with price & availability within 24 hours.

In-between filming, hosting Reptile Shows, catching Snakes and appearing on Radio / TV shows – Julia also offers her services as a motivational speaker and has conducted well over 30 key guest speaker appearances for various Business meetings, Women’s Retreats and Seminars.

Her very practical & inspiring, yet highly entertaining speech on “Overcoming your Fear for more success in life and business” has been a huge success and helped many Julia Baker Sayinglistener’s challenges with fearing failure, rejection or even success!

Julia also has a 4-hour work shop for groups on offer that will take you through the steps of challenging fears, learning to dream again and setting goals.

Any topic can be tailored for your audience so that they receive exactly what is needed in order for them to be inspired and also to take home practical tips on how to move forward.

Click here for Julia Baker Speaker Kit

Julia Baker Snake Catcher

Snake Boss Reptile Shows

Julia Baker, Brisbane Snake catcher and star of Animal Planet’s highest rating TV series Snake Boss now invites you to meet some of her favourite pet Reptiles and learn even more about these cool critters by simply booking a live Snake Boss Reptile Show!
This perfectly designed educational and very entertaining live Reptile Show introduces a minimum of 8 different Reptile species, lots of funny & fascinating facts on each one, safety tips and a hands-on cuddle & photo session afterwards.
Reptiles make for a wonderful experience and a child will always remember the first time he or she held a Snake!
Fully mobile, this Reptile Show will be the highlight at your party, school, childcare, fete, shopping centre or any event.
From Jezabel the gentle giant Python to Grumpy the cutest little Pink Tongue Lizard – find out why these amazing animals (big and small) are so important to our eco-system and how we can help preserve their habitat.
Funny, interactive & educational for all ages from 2- 99
Easy booking online now!