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Parties – Great Birthday Ideas

Are you looking for some awesome Birthday Ideas?

Birthday Parties are meant to be special and exciting for all and it’s not always easy coming up with Birthday ideas.

Plus there’s nothing worse than stressed out parents on the day.

So relax and book a Reptile Show for your next Kids Party and we’ll take care of the entertainment!


Everybody remembers the first time they held a slithery Snake or got licked by a smooth Blue Tongue Lizard.

Or even tried cuddling a spiky Bearded Dragon.

There is something incredible memorizing about Reptiles and there is so much more to know about them.

The more we find out, the more we enjoy and respect them.

(And some of us even fall in love with them!)

A Reptile Party experience makes for an incredibly special Birthday for your Child which he or she will never forget.

snake boss reptile shows It’ll also be a very memorable and exciting experience for all the Party guests.

So If you like to see big eyes and wide smiles with lots of laughter on all the little faces of your party guests, book a reptile birthday party with us.

We at Snake Boss make sure your Birthday Child will feel extra special on the day whether he or she would like to be our little helper or just enjoy watching.

The Reptile Party goes for  60 mins and starts by our Party host introducing at least 8- 9 different species from Pythons to various Lizards.

A Fun fact party quiz during this time  ensures lots of laughter, excitement and a little competition between your guests.

The winning team must now catch their own (rubber) snakes in order to win some delicious (lolly) snakes.

Finally it’s hands on for cuddles with the Reptiles!

For the braver kids we have Jezebel our gentle giant Python ( almost 3 metres ) whilst Harley our smallest python is great for beginners.

And you simply must hold Buddy the Bearded Dragon!

Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

Reptile Party Brisbane: $290

Reptile Party Sunshine or Gold Coast: $350

Other areas in Qld – please inquire.

Recommended age group: 4-14 years’ old