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Snake catcher Julia Baker


Snake Boss reptile shows snakesJulia Baker has two great loves in her life –  Children & Reptiles!

She has been in the children’s entertainment business since 2004 performing with her Kiddywinks Puppet Theatre

And was voted one of Brisbane’s top party entertainers by the Courier Mail

Julia knows how to captivate, entertain and thrill her audience no matter what age so you can be guaranteed that her well designed Reptile Shows / Parties will have the same effect on your audience.

Her TV series “Snake Boss” became the highest rating show ever on Animal Planet Australia / Pacific Rim and is a favourite with children all around the world in over 170 countries!

Snake Boss Reptile Shows are hosted by Julia Baker herself.

With every show Julia’s objective is to share her passion and motivation in order to help the audience understand and respect these wonderful animals.

Julia’s first hands on Snake experience was with a huge Burmese Python at Australia Zoo and it was all that was needed for her to fall head over heels in love with Reptiles.

Since then she has built a successful Snake catching & relocating business throughout of Brisbane 1300-Catch it

Julia is on a mission to help bring Humans and Reptiles closer by offering this incredible experience to others and educating the audience in order to lessen any fears and install respect for these amazing creatures.

Snake Boss Reptile Shows are a great way to meet all of Julia’s favourite pets, find out some very cool facts, enjoy an incredible experience and possibly even fall in love….

Whether you’re searching for some fun party entertainment, wanting to draw a large crowd in a shopping centre / fete or educate a group of children at school / childcare – Snake Boss Reptile Shows will do it all and provide you with great value for your money!

Now you can bring a little bit of Snake Boss to your next event by booking a live Reptile Show.

As required by law – Julia Baker has the following Permits & Licenses:

Damage Mitigation Permit: WIMP13732413

Recreational Wildlife Licence: expiry 2020

Wildlife Demonstrators Licence: WIDL16491415

She is fully insured and carries blue cards.